4 Useful Tips For Picking Good Vacuum-packed Food

There are three ways to keep food fresh: nitrogen filling, vacuuming, and adding preservatives, and vacuum preservation is the most convenient, natural and healthy packaging.

Vacuum skin packaging refers to the final form of vacuum packaging bags in the vacuum packaging machine to pack the contents, an important part of which is the extraction of oxygen, so as to prevent food deterioration and oxidation. For example, oil and grease food contains a large number of unsaturated fatty acids, and such food will easily change color and taste after being oxidized. Vacuum sealing can effectively isolate the air and further maintain the flavor and nutrition of food.

It is worth noting that vacuum packaging itself does not have a sterilization effect. In order to take advantage of the pros of vacuum packaging technology, you must conduct necessary sterilization after vacuum packaging is completed, such as high-temperature sterilization and irradiation sterilization, etc. Any perishable food that needs to be refrigerated must be refrigerated or frozen after vacuum packaging.

Boya New Material, a China leading vacuum packaging bags manufacturer, will next offer you four useful tips to choose safe vacuum-packed food.

1. Observe whether there’s gassy pouch
Gassy pouch is the most intuitive and convenient way for consumers to determine whether the food vacuum packaging is spoiled.

According to common sense physics, under normal circumstances, the air pressure inside the packaged food bag should be consistent with the outside or less than the outside after evacuation. Gassy pouch indicates that the air pressure inside the bag is higher than the outside, which shows that the sealed bag produces new gases, and these gases are the metabolic products produced by microbial multiplication. During the packaging before the sterilization process, microorganisms and buds have not been completely killed. After the completion of the packaging, microorganisms multiply and corrupt, which leads to gassy pouch.

2. Smell
When buying vacuum-packed food, you should not regard being able to smell the food as a criterion for judging. If the smell of food spills out of the package, it means that the vacuum packaging itself is no longer vacuum, there is an air leak, and bacteria are also free to flow.

3. Check the identifications
When choosing the vacuum seal bag, you should first check its production license, SC code, the manufacturer and the ingredients list. The Food Safety Law clearly stipulates that food packaging should be marked with the food production license number, consisting of SC and 14 Arabic numerals. SC code represents the unique license code for enterprises to achieve food traceability.

4. Pay strict attention to the shelf life of food
The food whose shelf life is almost coming is not necessarily harmful, but its color and nutrition will decline. Once the food in custom vacuum seal bags is opened, it should be consumed as soon as possible, and should not be stored in the refrigerator.

Post time: Aug-19-2022