Don’t know about high barrier food packaging film?

Never mind. Yixing boya-packing Co., Ltd. will give you a detailed introduction.
The world demand for plastic film is growing, especially in developing countries, the demand growth rate is faster, the packaging form from rigid packaging to flexible packaging is one of the main factors to promote the growth of demand for film materials.

High-barrier plastic packaging materials:
It refers to the ability of plastic products to shield small molecules of gas, liquid, water vapor, fragrance, etc. It plays a role in preserving the quality, freshness, flavor and extending the shelf life of food. In the packaging industry, especially in food and pharmaceutical packaging, more and more emphasis is being placed on the use of barrier flexible packaging materials, and also because of their functionality, light weight and ease of processing and transportation, barrier plastic packaging materials have gained rapid development in recent years.
The barrier properties of single-layer films are general and for most food packaging, the next step such as lamination is required.
With the increase of packaging functions in the market and the increase of environmental awareness, the cost effectiveness of product cost is also more and more important. Flexible plastic packaging has evolved from single-layer films in the past to multi-species, multi-effective composite packaging films.
Coated films for food packaging:
There is a growing trend that people often want to be able to see the food inside the package to feel confident that they know exactly what they are buying. Certain foods require light and UV resistant packaging for food protection, and these light-sensitive foods can be packaged with aluminized and aluminum foil laminates to create a barrier to oxygen and moisture. Some foods do not require light barrier, and in order to promote product sales, manufacturers will try to use transparent barrier film packaging.
The market for transparent barrier food packaging films is most commonly achieved by using coated films, especially in the lightweight food packaging market such as cookies, chocolate, cheese and other packaging, where the global capacity has reached 200,000 tons and there is a growing trend all the time.
Trends in food packaging:
1. Transparent.
2. Safety and environmental protection.
3. Meet the food shelf life requirements.
Therefore, for packaging materials, we need to find environmentally friendly, more functional and cost-appropriate high barrier materials.

Post time: Aug-25-2021