How many days can food be kept in vacuum bags

Nowadays we go to the shopping mall will find a lot of food all vacuum-packed bags, this type of packaging is the way the gas in the food are pumped away to produce vacuum-packed bags. This can increase the storage time of food, the food inside is also more environmental health and physical and mental health, so we all want to buy vacuum-packed bags of food, but although it can increase the storage time, but also to be consumed within the preservation period.
After vacuum packing, different types of food have different storage times at room temperature.
In general, fresh produce or lightly processed meat products can be stored at room temperature for up to 2 days. When vacuum-packed, this can be extended to 6 days and in some cases up to 18 days. Dried fruit being can be kept for longer, even more than twelve months. Cooked food is a little shorter. Usually, it stays fresh for about 15 days in winter and spring, and only 4 days to 1 week in summer and autumn, and is best refrigerated.
The principle behind the preservation of food in vacuum packaging is mainly the removal of oxygen. Food spoilage is caused by the growth and multiplication of micro-organisms and bacteria.
Most micro-organisms, such as moulds and yeasts, require oxygen to survive. Vacuum-packed food removes oxygen from the packaging, which also inhibits the growth and multiplication of microorganisms. The unsaturated fatty acids contained in oils and fats are susceptible to oxidation and degradation. When the vacuum is deoxygenated, it also prevents the food from oxidising.
After evacuation, the fragile and deformable food is filled with a mixture of gases, such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen. It acts as a filler so that the pressure inside and outside the bag is stronger than the pressure outside the bag. This not only prevents air from entering the bag from outside, but also prevents the food from being crushed and deformed.
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Post time: Dec-17-2021