Precautions for using air column bags

The protective effect of the cushioned air column bag is really good, but there is also a drawback, that is, it is produced from plastic film, many people know that plastic film has a defect that easily pierced and damaged by sharp objects, so the air column bag also has this disadvantage, in addition, the cushioning performance of the air column depends on the air pressure to form a slow.
In addition, the cushioning performance of the air column depends on the formation of a cushioning layer of air pressure to protect the packaged goods from external damage. Therefore, if an air column bag is affected by a similar sharp object, the bag will be damaged and leak, and cannot be reuse.
Along with the widespread use of air column bags in various industries, more and more people are becoming aware of air column bags, but in the process of use will encounter a variety of problems. 
As a professional manufacturer of air column cushioning, we discuss and shares the use of air column bags and the matters that should be noted in the process of use.

1. The use of the process shall not have sharp tools stabbing, blades and nail scratches.
2. Require a clean working environment, do not use the outer box with nails, the operator shall not leave nails, wear jewellery, shall not be dragged on the ground grinding air bags and other irregular operations.
The above two points to prevent the breakage of air column bags, the damage caused by inappropriate protection of items.
3. Should be careful when unpacking the outer packaging, do not scratch the inflatable bags, can be reused for a second time.
4. Must be operated in accordance with the prescribed inflation pressure.
5. The use of air pumps should pay attention to whether the noise meets environmental requirements to prevent noise pollution caused by excessive noise.
6. If the production line continuous inflatable, to consider whether the air supply is sufficient, whether the air pump can meet the requirements of use, to prevent too little inflatable in the impact of external forces, may cause direct collision on the product.
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Post time: Dec-09-2021