Such food packaging is too hot! The big list of advantages of Vacuum Skin Packaging

Body-paste high-barrier vacuum packaging, is in the vacuum state will be sealed between the transparent film and tray. It can maintain the color, flavor and freshness of the product, and has a better three-dimensional display of the sticker packaging and the dual effect of vacuum preservation protection.
Vacuum Skin Packaging can be widely used for raw beef, fresh seafood, fresh sea fish, fresh steak, fresh chicken legs, fresh duck neck, fresh fish pieces, fresh shrimp, tuna, fresh shellfish and other raw meat products, as well as roast duck, roast chicken, cooked meat, chicken legs and other cooked meat products, its characteristics are as follows.

1. Vacuum fully sealed packaging, which can maintain the natural freshness, aroma, color and juice flavor of the products.
2. High barrier vacuum packaging, which can block oxygen, inhibit the reproduction of bacteria in low temperature environment, preserve freshness and protect the natural color of the products for a longer time.
3. It can prevent ice crystals from being generated during refrigeration and prevent the surface of the product from drying and cracking due to freezing burns.
Application and performance of vacuum packaging.
Typical applications: fresh meat, seafood, cheese, processed meat, high-grade poultry, etc.
Standard thickness: 80μm-200μm.
Typical performance: Best laminating effect.
Different heat sealing layers are designed for different tow boxes.
Suitable oxygen and water vaporizer barrier can be selected according to the contents.
The overall packaging will show the packaged goods perfectly while providing a longer shelf life than ordinary packaging.
Packaging film features.
Good transparency: good visual display after packaging, good toughness, can withstand handling and special low temperature.
Good extensibility: low temperature thermoforming, improve packaging efficiency and save energy.
Environmentally friendly food grade products, no environmental pollution and health hazards.
No harmful odor when packaging.

Excellent anti-aging ability and long storage period.
Food-grade packaging film, in line with the U.S. FDA regulations, ROHS green packaging materials.
Adhesive, no glue on the board, save process and cost.
Excellent adhesion to sheets to ensure packaging effect.
Excellent resistance to grease and oil.
Any shape and nature of products can be packaged.

Post time: Dec-03-2021