Summary of the causes of vacuum packaging bag breakage analysis and improvement measures

Vacuum food packaging breakage reasons are mainly these two.
1. is the food vacuum packaging design. Such as the net content or volume of the contents of the soft packaging materials used to withstand the range, in the process of transportation or sales circulation, slightly by external forces, there will be broken bags, cracking problems. Generally as a vacuum packaging bag heat sealing layer, the thickness of the material shall not be less than 50μm thick.
2. is the quality of food vacuum packaging materials. The quality of the package materials lead to the finished package sealing cracking problems, generally concentrated in the following areas.
2.(1)Is the physical and mechanical properties of food packaging - such as breaking force and elongation, puncture resistance, pendulum impact resistance, peel strength, etc., can be a comprehensive judgment of the toughness of the bag, puncture resistance, impact resistance and other physical and mechanical properties are in line with the needs of the packaging, storage stacking and transportation process. (with the contents, the size of the bag, transport routes and packaging forms)
2.(2)Is the sealing of food packaging - such as bursting pressure test, you can determine the location of the occurrence of broken bags and mechanical strength of the weak parts. Such as heat sealing strength test can determine whether the heat sealing strength to meet the requirements of the food content, and determine the location of poor heat sealing and the uniformity of the heat sealing effect. For example, the chicken claw vacuum packaging produces breakage because the chicken claw is cut into parts, some broken claw bones are cut very sharp, plus the boiling time, the meat skin contraction, so the bones are exposed, in the process of transportation is easy to puncture the bag. Therefore, the puncture resistance of the bag should be a key consideration in the combination of packaging materials.
Leakage and sealing strength tester can not only detect the maximum rupture force of composite packaging bags, but also test the rupture time of the bags by setting the applied pressure, you can design the stacking structure according to the test data, further adjust the parameters of the heat sealability process to improve the packaging effect, or according to the location of the rupture of flexible packaging bags on the problems in the packaging structure

Post time: Mar-24-2022