The advantages of food vacuum packaging film

Nowadays, many meat products are attracting attention in many electric commodity platforms and offline fresh supermarkets with the application of body packaging. Unlike the previous frozen meat and ordinary gas packaging, the laminated packaging not only lengthens the shelf life, but also effectively retains the high-quality appearance of the ingredients themselves. Although the sticker packaging cost is high, but in some high value-added meat, seafood and other frozen fresh products, but also more and more began to use this packaging, some industry insiders said that in the future in fresh food, the application of sticker packaging will be more and more. Today, we will talk about the advantages of food vacuum packaging film.
Food sticker packaging film (frozen food sticker film) as a novel way to use film for steak beef cold fresh meat and seafood and other food products.  
Application of body-packed products, the film is attached to the meat to package, forming a vacuum-like environment, but it is better than vacuum packaging in terms of isolation from air and bacteria.
1. High transparency
The packaging film is made of high polymer resin imported from the U.S. and blown by multi-layer co-extrusion, with high gloss.
2. Good extension performance
The film can fit tightly in the appearance of seafood steak and other food, just like a layer of transparent skin, so that the product has a sculpture-like three-dimensional sense, the wonderful shape of the product called out, so that customers increase the sense of closeness and desire to buy.
3. Good oxygen barrier characteristics
Compared with the ordinary packaging, the paste body packaging generally has good oxygen barrier characteristics, so it has obvious advantages in the freshness and quality of fresh and fast food - below 4 degrees Celsius, paste body packaging can keep food fresh for 4-8 weeks.
4. Strong temperature and water resistance
The body of the packaging of this divine "film" has excellent temperature resistance, good water retention, so it is not only convenient for refrigerated transport, but also to retain the juice and nutrition of the food when heated.
5. Can be directly into the microwave heating
When the package is heated in the microwave oven, it will automatically expand, forming a natural steam environment inside the film, and then slowly lapse, accelerating the heat and ensuring hygiene. After heating, the package can be easily torn clean, very convenient, and the food will not dry.
In addition to the excellent "freshness" function, the characteristics of the body packaging is to retain the appearance of the food itself, not by the vacuum "deformation", this packaging has a high-quality appearance, the surface of the film without juice, not foggy, customers can also touch the appearance, feel, and 'intimacy' times.
For the body packaging, to get the expected packaging effect, the packaging material also has requirements. At present, some companies have developed a variety of vacuum laminated packaging films for food, which can be selected according to the packaging products.

Post time: Mar-01-2022