The Application Of Air Column Bags In The Field

Inflatable bags have a wide range of applications, as long as the products related to the packaging and need to be transported at the same time can use air column bags. It is the perfect substitute for epe, eps, paper and plastic, low cost and environmental protection, good cushioning performance. Mainly summarized as follows.
First, the packaging of electronic products
Now electronic products are everywhere, people's lives can be said that without electronic products is really a little too boring. But electronic products and too fragile, it is easy to touch bad. For example, the display screen, touch screen broken, etc., in this case to replace a part is many people will choose, at this time the use of gas column inflatable bags can maximize the guarantee that these fragile products will not be broken due to transportation. Further said like TV, video cameras, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. can also use inflatable bags packaging.
Second, the protection of crafts
Now some fragile firing products, such as glass, concave and convex mirrors, pottery, porcelain and other prices vary greatly, in transport with the gas column inflatable bags for buffering will reduce losses. Of course, if it is applied to archaeology, the transport of antiquities can be said to reduce the risk of a great deal.
Third, the protection of precision instruments
For precision instruments or expensive products, such as pianos, medical equipment, etc. The most important thing is the accuracy. Collision and bumps will have a great impact on their quality, it can be said that the emergence of gas column inflatable bags make this situation greatly improved, because the performance of the inflatable bag itself pressure and impact resistance.
Fourth, the protection of explosive products
Because many chemical products will react with the air and flammable and explosive, in order to ensure safety, the use of inflatable bags can block oxygen, thus making this situation greatly improved.
Fifth, the impact resistance of bad products for protection
For example, chemical fiber products, floor tiles, building materials, lighting equipment, etc. have a more effective protection. To put it bluntly, as long as there is about the packaging can use the air column inflatable bags.

Post time: Dec-29-2021