The choice of air column bag

Air column bag is a new type of packaging products, through the CTI, SGS, EU REACH non-toxic test certification, is the current cushioning, shock-resistant, filling packaging materials, is a big revolution in the 21st century packaging industry, the use of natural air-filled packaging technology, not only to save energy, reduce costs, but also environmental protection and pollution-free, is in line with the EU, the United States and other developed environmental standards of new packaging materials.
Many e-commerce and logistics companies in the search for air column bag products will spend a lot of thought, but also pay extra attention to the manufacturer of air column bags, insist on finding a guaranteed, trustworthy air column bag.
So when it comes to choosing air column bags, how do we choose air column bags?

Usually many air column bag users think that the thickness determines the quality, thickness determines the time to store gas, thickness determines the good or bad air column bag, in fact, this is not the case, then how do we choose the air column bag?
1. Look at the material composition of the gas column and gas storage.
1.1. In fact, this is a misconception, the main look at the material composition of the air column bag, the main components of the air column bag (PE + nylon) some air column bags on the market in the name of plus, but reduce the weight of nylon material. So the bag contains a high nylon component, the quality will be better.
1.2. The length of gas storage is also the key to determine the good or bad gas column bag, the normal gas column can store gas for several months, there will be no air leakage.
2. Different products are recommended to choose different models of air column bags, safe and reliable.
Ordinary category of goods, products are not fixed, the size of more or larger products recommended that you can use the air column roll material, easy to use, economical.
Usually used for fragile products, safe and secure and high quality, such as the following products:
Red and white wine, cosmetics, digital products, ceramic products, fruits, surveillance cameras, motor oil, flowers, milk powder, moon cakes, daily chemical products, etc.
If you don't have the right size for your product, welcome to customize, free samples until you fit!

Post time: Sep-15-2021