Understanding air column bag with you

Brief introduction:
Air column bag, also known as cushioned air column bag, inflatable bag, bubble column bag, column inflatable bag, is a new type of packaging material using natural air filling in the 21st century.
Comprehensively wrapped air column cushioning protection to minimize the rate of product transportation losses. Air-Bag is a medical-grade substrate that uses LLDPE and NYLON laminated or co-extruded with stretch resistance and balanced characteristics and good surface printability to form an impermeable inflatable column through continuous lamination.
The use of physical principles, an inflatable, the full row of full, automatic air lock, the formation of diving chamber, encounter damage, only a single broken air column part failure, the rest of the air column, completely unaffected, still maintain the protective effect. It provides shock-protection for long time storage and transportation without gas leakage, and the cushioning protection of gas column type comprehensive wrapping minimizes the damage rate.
AIR-BAG gas bags comply with ROHS norms and are contamination-free regardless of production, use or placement under any circumstances.
Under normal use condition, the original material (adhesive film) or finished product (air cushion) is completely clean and will not cause any contamination. AIR-BAG gas packaging bag, a new type of packaging system using air cushion, wraps the product close to the body and can really protect the packaged product, not just fill and support. It provides shock-protection for long time storage and transportation without air leakage, and the cushioning protection of air column type comprehensive wrapping minimizes the damage rate.
Compared with traditional padding, it will not be damaged by the large gap in the inner box of the package and the frequent shifting of the goods during transportation. Even if it is crushed by external forces, AIR-BAG's close fitting design can use air cushion to disperse the pressure to avoid damage.
One AIRBAG single tube air column can withstand about 100kg of weight.
Advantages of cushioned air column bag packaging:
1.High quality PE+PA film, strong and durable, high airtightness. Protection performance is more guaranteed.
2.The basic material tested by SGS does not contain any heavy metals, burning non-toxic, in line with the impermeable, moisture-proof and environmental characteristics, is the best choice in this century instead of Polyamide, EPE, pulp.
3.Cushion air column bag using air for inflation before use, the product is designed to fit, so itself that has the following advantages:
3.1.Low cost.
3.2. Space-saving and more trouble-free.
3.3. Can be recycled, belonging to the recycling standards of category 7.
3.4. Reduce the packaging process, saving manpower.
3.5. Non-polluting.
3.6. It can also provide long time storage and transportation without leakage of gas shock protection.
3.7. Improve corporate image.
Buffered air column bag characteristics:
1.The material is non-toxic, recyclable, no environmental problems.
2.The production process is all tailored by computer, no need to make molds, fast delivery time and low cost.
3.Easy packaging, improve protection, save freight, reduce storage space.
4.Improve the appearance of product packaging image.
5.The air can be automatically locked after inflation.
6.Even if an air column is broken, it will not affect the cushioning protection of the whole air column bag for the product.
The scope of use of air column bags:
Inflatable bags have a wide range of application, as long as the packaging-related, while the need to transport products can use air column bags. Is epe, eps, paper and plastic alternatives, low cost and environmental protection, good cushioning performance. Mainly summarized as follows.
1.Packaging of electronic products.
Electronic products are everywhere in the 21st century, people's lives can be said to be a little too boring without electronic products. But electronic products and too fragile, it is easy to touch bad. For example, the display screen, touch screen broken, etc., in this case to replace a part is a lot of people will choose, at this time the use of gas column inflatable bags to maximize the guarantee that these fragile products will not be broken due to transportation. Further said like TV, video cameras, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. can also use inflatable bags packaging.
2.Protection of handicrafts.
Fragile firing products, such as glass, concave and convex mirrors, pottery, porcelain and other prices vary greatly, in transport with the gas column inflatable bags for buffering will reduce losses. Of course, if it is applied to archaeology, the transport of antiquities can be said to reduce the risk of a great deal.
3.Protection of precision instruments.
For precision instruments or expensive products, such as pianos, medical equipment, etc. The most important thing is the accuracy. Collision and bumps will have a great impact on their quality, it can be said that the emergence of gas column inflatable bags make this situation greatly improved, because the performance of the inflatable bag itself pressure and impact resistance.
4.Protection of explosive products.
Because many chemical products will react with the air and flammable and explosive, in order to ensure safety, the use of inflatable bags can block oxygen, which makes this situation greatly improved.
5.Impact resistance is not good for the protection of products.
For example, chemical fiber products, floor tiles, building materials, lighting equipment, etc. have a more effective protection. To put it bluntly, as long as there is about the packaging can use the air column inflatable bags.
6.Wooden furniture, iron furniture, lighting equipment, fibers, chemical products, pharmaceuticals, floor tiles, steel plates, boilers, building materials, etc.
The difference between air column bags and traditional packaging materials:
Air column bag is a new type of packaging materials, high-quality PE + PA film, strong and durable, high airtightness, protection performance is more secure. Compared with traditional packaging materials, the cost of air column bags is lower, more space-saving, green and recyclable.
Comparison between air column bag and foam, foam is a commodity used for packaging goods. Advantages: the primary use of cushioning packaging. Is the use of foam itself expansion function to draw the force that occurs when bumping, can adequately prevent damage to the goods with a wide range of uses. Disadvantages: occupies a large storage area; transportation costs are great; packaging is required to customize so that the packaging costs are high; and great damage to the environment; is the embargoed packaging in Europe and the United States and other countries.
In the courier packaging, businesses in the outer packaging is generally the choice of carton, unless it is customized, otherwise the general carton is unlikely to be just right for the product, this time in order to avoid damage to the goods on the way due to shaking impact, you need to use packaging materials to fill the interior of the carton.
In the early days, people for the choice of packaging materials mainly focused on waste paper, rags, wood above, although these packaging materials to play a certain role in the protection of goods buffer, but because it is waste, so in the filling process inevitably left contaminated goods debris, there are certain problems in the degree of aesthetics. So the businessmen's choice of packaging materials and replaced with pearl cotton, polaroid, etc..
Pearl cotton, foam effect is better than waste paper, rags and other cushioning effect, in the degree of aesthetics also has a certain degree of improvement. But the volume of pearl cotton and foam can not be compressed, before and after the use of its volume will not change, which makes the storage cost of pearl cotton and foam has become the most headache for businesses. At the same time, because the country in recent years to promote environmental protection packaging and consumer understanding of the concept of environmental protection, therefore, pearl cotton and foam is also facing the situation of being replaced.
These packaging materials we call the traditional packaging materials, to the 21st century, a new type of packaging materials, it is now the most popular air packaging materials! Air packaging is divided into air column bags, filling bags, cushioning air cushion and other categories, the air is filled into the film through the tool to form an air bag, and then fill the voids inside the carton. Since the air package is only a piece of adhesive film before it is inflated, it will not take up much space, which can effectively reduce the waste of package materials. Air wrapping material can withstand 60kg and above pressure, effectively avoiding the damage caused by violent sorting, collision in transportation, etc. At the same time, the use of air wrapping material is very convenient, ready to use, improve packing efficiency. What's more, the air packaging material is environmentally friendly and pollution-free from raw materials to finished products, which is in line with the current trend of green environmental protection.
As a cushioning packaging materials for the transportation industry, seismic cushioning performance is the basic responsibility of air column bags and other cushioning packaging, is the basis of its foothold. The anti-shock cushioning performance of the air column bag from its packaging form, can be described as "bag as its name", the air column bag is full of gas column arranged together into a bag. Of course, this alone, the air column bag can not be so popular, can play a shock cushioning effect also lies in the air column bag of each air column are independent of each other, so that even if a single air column rupture will not affect the other air columns. Through the fit of these air columns wrapped to absorb the impact of the outside world, red wine bottles in transit even if squeezed, collision will not be damaged. Secondly, as an emerging cushioning packaging materials, air column bags can be done in the same way as other flexible packaging in general, large-scale automated production. Therefore, compared with other traditional buffer packaging materials, the production cost of air column bags can be described as low. Not only that, the cost-saving advantages of the air column bag is also reflected in: the transport process to protect the wine, to avoid damage caused by loss; air column bag fit wine packaging, you can save packaging, storage space, saving storage costs.
In addition, the choice of air column bags instead of traditional buffer packaging materials for another reason is that the air column bags as a new buffer packaging, in line with national sustainable development strategy, environmental protection and pollution-free, recyclable. And in today's increasingly strong concept of environmental protection, the use of air column bags as wine buffer packaging is quite conducive to improving the image of enterprises.

Post time: Sep-10-2021