Vacuum CO-EXTRUDE packaging, freshness preservation tool!

Vacuum co-extrude packaging is a novel commodity packaging technology, which is very popular in the international food packaging industry. Vacuum co-extrude packaging is mainly composed of lined trays and plastic cover films. The process of composite packaging is: The packaged product is placed inside the tray, so that the special composite plastic cover film covering the product adheres to the product surface after heating and vacuum treatment, and is sealed with the liner tray. The liner tray of vacuum composite packaging requires good tensile properties, good barrier, high strength, strong compression resistance and other characteristics. Its structure is generally a high barrier PVC or PET composite sheet, such as PVC/PE/EVOH/PE, VMPET/PE/EVOH/PE, etc.; the composite cover film is generally a multi-layer co-extruded material with a functional resin of good hot adhesion and elasticity on the inner layer. Unlike stretch forming packaging, vacuum laminated packaging can achieve the effect of tightly fitting and sealing food products of different sizes and shapes through special transparent laminated lidding film, which is called perfect vacuum packaging with convenient, economic and efficient features.

Main advantages of vacuum packaging.
Flexible packaging method: Products regardless of shape, size, single packaging, or collective combination packaging, vacuum packaging can be thermoformed and sealed at one time, convenient and flexible.
High packaging efficiency: Vacuum laminated packaging without additional mold, the product can be packed at any time, without waiting for the mold.
Enhance the value and grade of product appearance: Transparent vacuum packaging film follows the shape of the product and fixes it on the cardboard, with good visual display effect, easy to inspect and distinguish and touch. With beautifully printed cardboard, it can greatly improve the value and grade of the product.
Good product protection effect: Completely fixing the product on the bottom board, it can effectively prevent shock, friction and shattering, especially for fragile or shaped products.
Vacuum sealing to protect the quality: Vacuum paste body packaging moisture-proof, anti-oxidation, dust-proof, anti-scattered parts, can effectively protect product quality and extend the life of the product.
Low packaging cost: Compared with blister packaging without mold making, vacuum packaging greatly improves packaging efficiency and reduces packaging costs.
Save storage and transportation cost: This laminated packaging can save packaging volume and reduce storage and transportation cost compared with traditional shockproof packaging such as blister cover and Polytron.
Enhance the competitive advantage in the market: This vacuum packaging method is an internationally recognized high-grade packaging method, which can enhance the competitive strength of domestic and foreign markets and effectively enhance the brand influence of products.

Post time: Oct-13-2021