Vacuum Packaging Is Really Healthy And Safe

A variety of plastic custom vacuum seal bags, also known as decompression packaging, can be seen in all areas of our daily life and work. In terms of the food field, many delicious food can be packaged in vacuum packaging, such as duck neck, pig ear, sausage, elbow, squash, radish, okra, corn, pork, beef, soy sauce chicken, sesame duck, peanuts, dates, dried bean curd, etc. However, some customers may wonder whether vacuum packaging is safe and healthy. Dont worry, and vacuum seal bags are completely healthy and safe.

Working principle of vacuum packaging

As is known to everyone, the main role of vacuum packaging is to provide an anaerobic environment deoxygenation, that is, the oxygen inside the bag and the food cells is rapidly pumped out, so that mold, microorganisms and bacteria that deteriorate food will lose the necessary environment for survival and stop reproduction. Vacuum packaging can pump the air out of the bag, which will be in a low oxygen state, where microorganisms such as bacteria can not reproduce, so vacuum packaged food can not be contaminated and the shelf life and preservation period can also be extended, as well as the quality and value of the product can be improved.

A steam generator helps make food safe

But vacuum alone can not completely inhibit the food spoilage and discoloration triggered by mold reaction, so the steam generator should also be used together with vacuum, which not only effectively inhibits the growth of microorganisms, but also can complete high-temperature sterilization treatment, thus further effectively improving food quality, extending the shelf life of food, and maintaining the quality and color of food unchanged.

At present, many a vacuum packaging bags manufacturer has been scrambling to purchase steam generators, whose high-temperature steam efficiency is very high. The steam generator can instantly generate high temperature of 170 , complete the role of high-temperature sterilization, disinfection and inhibition in a short time, provide a hot and humid environment inside the bag, destroy the enzyme growth environment, and release water vapor heat.

Since you have read the above information, you may gain a basic understanding of the working principle of vacuum packaging bag and its healthy and safe features guaranteed, so feel free to purchase and use it to package food. For any more information, just contact us at sales@boya-packing.com.

Post time: Jul-27-2022