What are the application areas of vacuum packaging equipment

The role of vacuum packaging is de-oxygenation, the purpose is to extend the packaging period of the product with bus cooking and high temperature cooking, etc. Vacuum packaging equipment in China has a history of more than twenty years of development, is a very fast growing industry.
The process of vacuum packaging is to put the food into the preservation container or preservation bag, the air will be exhausted so that the method of sealing. It usually requires the use of special equipment. Meat, seafood, vegetables, processed products, etc., if not vacuum-packed, the longer it sits, the more oxidation accelerates the rate of breathing. The following look at the application areas of vacuum packaging equipment.
Vacuum packaging equipment application areas two fresh meat: beef, lamb, pork, etc. Vacuum packaging machine facing the market demand for how to meet or even exceed the developed countries food vacuum packaging machine, and how to increase the pace of independent innovation, and strive to develop a number of products with independent intellectual property rights and international advanced level in a short period of time, is the urgent task before the food vacuum packaging machine enterprises in China. The equipment used in China can carry out special research and development of very few, which is also our shortcomings.
But in some of the vacuum packaging machine manufacturers at home under the continuous efforts, the vacuum packaging machine at home in the measurement, manufacturing, technical functions and other aspects of good performance, especially beer, beverage filling equipment, high-speed, complete sets, high degree of chemistry, good reliability. The proliferation of electromechanics, so that the demand for chemical packaging machine equipment has surged.
Vacuum packaging equipment application areas three soybean products: dried bean curd, bean paste, etc.
vacuum packaging equipment applications four cooked products: dried beef, roast chicken, etc.
vacuum packaging equipment application areas five convenient rice, sparse vegetables, canned food, etc.
vacuum packaging equipment application area VI fruits and vegetables.
In addition to the above-mentioned food, vacuum packaging equipment is also suitable for the preservation of drugs, chemical materials, metal products, electronic components, textiles and literature material information.
After the vacuum packaging equipment packaging not many products can be sold directly, like food according to the shelf life and preservation process, some can be directly packaged and then into the refrigerated preservation.
Some need high-temperature cooking to destroy microorganisms, these microorganisms are mainly E. coli. After cooking at 121 degrees for about 30 minutes, the shelf life can be up to 18 months. At present, high-temperature cooking does not require a worker to watch the thermometer next to the machine, computer control can be achieved, there will be a prompt when the specified time.
There are also some in 80-90 degrees in the water with the bus to extend the shelf life.
Vacuum packaging equipment applications in fast food, barbecue, food factories, electronic components factory is very common.



Post time: Apr-14-2022