What are the benefits of food vacuum packaging

Functions of Vacuum Packaging
Vacuum packaging refers to a method of sealing food by expelling air after it has been placed in a storage container or bag. It usually requires the use of special vacuum packaging equipment. If meat, seafood, vegetables, processed products, etc. are not vacuum packed, the longer they are left, the more oxidation will accelerate the rate of corruption.
Because oxygen is the culprit of ingredients becoming unpreserved, the use of vacuum packaging to isolate the air can effectively block the air, slow down the speed of oxidation, and achieve the effect of maintaining the quality of ingredients. The following is a list of the three main benefits of vacuum packaging.
1. Reduce the speed of oxidation
Just like the human body needs antioxidants to resist aging, the ingredients in the ingredients slowly combined with oxygen in the air, will also produce the chemical structure of deterioration and aging. For example, the most common example is that the peeled apples will rapidly change color and become soft at room temperature, not only the taste and flavor of the apples will change, but also the internal nutrients of the apples will be gradually lost. By vacuum packaging, the air, which is the culprit of oxidation, can be directly blocked, effectively extending the shelf life.
2. Inhibit the proliferation of bacteria
If the ingredients are exposed to air, they will become a breeding ground for bacteria. Bacteria breeding will accelerate the spoilage of the ingredients. If there is a way to prevent bacteria from entering, it can also effectively protect the quality of ingredients.
3. Prevent drying
Whether placed in room temperature or freezer, the moisture inside the ingredients will slowly evaporate with the passage of time. Once the water evaporates, it will cause the appearance of dryness, discoloration, the original juicy taste will also deduct points, just imagine putting too long dried oranges. If you use vacuum packaging, that can seal the moisture of the food so that it does not evaporate, effectively avoid drying problems.
4. To avoid frostbite ingredients
If you use the freezer to preserve the ingredients, it is easy to cause frostbite because the temperature is too low or placed for too long. Frostbite will lead to dehydration, oil acidification, so that the ingredients can no longer be sold as a commodity. Vacuum packaging can be isolated from external temperature fluctuations and too direct contact to prevent frostbite.
5.Vacuum packaging can extend the shelf life
Although a variety of ingredients according to the composition of different, can be stored for a different period of time. But with vacuum packaging refrigeration, the shelf life can be extended by more than 1.5 times, vacuum packaging + freezing can be extended by 2-5 times. The reason that the shelf life can be extended several times is that the traditional freezing method is prone to frostbite and discoloration, and vacuum packaging can prevent these problems.

Post time: Feb-15-2022