Skin Film

Skin Film

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Boya is a manufacture founded in 2018 ,devoted ourselves on new packaging material research ,skin film is one of our new product which have wonderful feedback on the market .We can provide a wide range of skin films with high transparency and gloss ,high puncture resistance , even rough and hard-edged product can be packaged and transported safely.

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How does skin film work ?
Skin film is used on skin machine and thermo-forming machine. It’s a clear plastic film with high transparency cover over products and adhered to the products tightly after vacuum. By this way, your products can be clearly display to your consumers. Because skin film thickness range from 80um-200um it can also protect your product during the transport .

With Boya skin film to pack your product, you will have a superior look of the product you pack and what’s more important is that it gives your customer the natural feel, there’s many products you can pack by skin film but especially perfect for the below ones :
Cheese and diary products
Frozen products , cooked meals or snacks
Meat ,fish and poultry

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Technical Data
Material: PE,PE/EVOH/PE
Sealable on PE, Mono APET, Mono PP, or paper/cardboard
Easy peel
Microwave or Sou vide
Gauge: 80 to 200 μm
Customize printing

Product features:
High puncture and tear resistance
Perfect sealing performance
Excellent machinability
Reliable protection during transportation, safe storage
Extended shelf life

1.How long is shelf life extended under Vacuum?
It can extend shelf life of any fresh perishable product by 3 to 5 times than normal refrigerated life.

2.Could you help us test the material and structure for us?
Yes. If you are not clear about your film, we can provide you our free test service.

3.Do you have machines to analyze samples of films?
We have machines to test the samples of films.
And we can send you the test report after the testing of films.


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Quality Control

At Boya we have a group of people strict, preciseness in our QC department, when every order start production the first 200 bags are throwed into trash because it’s used for adjust the machine.For these bags sealing is the most important they check . Then another 1000bags they will test regularly of the look and function to make sure it’s running well .Then the others left to produce the QC will check untimely .After order finished they keep sample for each batch when our customers received the goods if they have any questions feedback to us we can track clearly to find the problem and get a solution to make sure it will never happened again.


We have perfect consulting service:
Pre sale service,Application Consult,Technical Consult,Package Consult,Shipment Consult,After sale service.


Why Boya

We have started the production of vacuum sealer bag and rolls since 2002 ,with more than 20 years experience to provide you the economic and high quality products .
Vacuum pouch is another hot sale product with annual capacity of 5000tons.
Except for these traditional normal products Boya also provide you a full range of flexible package materials such as forming and non-forming flim ,lidding film ,shrink bag and films ,VFFS ,HFFS .
The newest product of skin film already test successfully which will be on mass production in March 2021 ,Your inquiry is welcomed !


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