Why your vacuum packaging machine will not be pumped tightly

If your vacuum packaging machine does not have a tight pumping problem, it is likely to be because the pumping time is set too short, or because the performance of the vacuum pump is not up to standard and the model is not selected correctly. What specific factors lead to vacuum packaging machine pumping not tight to see the following Yixing Boya New Material Technology Co.
Vacuum packaging machine does not appear to pumping tight, is an indication that the air in the bag is not pumped clean, there are residues appear. This will naturally affect the corresponding vacuum preservation and freshness effect. Vacuum packaging machine will appear pumping not tightly related to the following reasons are generally.
1. The pumping time is set too short
Vacuum packaging machine pumping time is set too short, resulting in the vacuum pump did not pump the air in the bag all clean. This time we can go through the computer board to set up the implementation of the vacuum pumping time operation.
2. Vacuum pump performance is not good
Vacuum packaging machine is pumped through the vacuum pump to complete, when the performance of the vacuum pump itself, the quality is not up to par. Then there will also be pumping the problem of tight pumping. When we defer the vacuum time, still not solved, then you need to consider whether to replace the pumping speed faster or the ultimate vacuum higher vacuum pump.
3. The model is not selected right
There are many types of vacuum packaging machines, different types of vacuum packaging machines for packaging materials are also different. For example, the external vacuum packaging machine is not suitable for some soft, powder, with liquid or bag size of the material vacuum. When using then there will be a problem of tight pumping. For the model selection is not appropriate, we can replace other models for operation.
4. The packaged material itself
When the vacuum packaging machine is packed with some powder or soft texture, or high liquid content of the goods, then it is no matter how to pump, are unable to achieve the same vacuum effect as the wax goods. For this kind of material, we can only measure the vacuum effect by visually inspecting the air content in the bag or the number of bubbles in the bag. Instead of pumping is not tight.
5. Sealing is not sealed well
The sealing time is not set correctly or the sealing temperature is not selected properly, so it will lead to the sealing time is not sealed firmly or scorching problem. Sealing is to seal, if our sealing work is not strict, then the vacuum is good, there will be air leakage. If there is not a tight pumping situation, we can adjust the sealing time or sealing temperature modulation suitable gear to achieve the desired sealing effect.

Post time: Sep-29-2021