vacuum chamber machine

vacuum chamber machine

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As one of the leading manufacture of flexible package in China, Boya not only provide you the packaging material but also vacuum packaging machine .We can provide you various vacuum chamber packaging machine ,like vacuum (inflatable ) packaging machine ,four line vacuum packaging machine, Automatic swing cover vacuum packaging machine ,double sealing rolling vacuum packaging machine ,rolling vacuum packaging machine,vacuum chamber packaging machine.

This small vacuum chamber packaging machine has only one working chamber ,suitable for small factory, research institute, laboratory…..With the advantage of low power consumption and convenient to use. This machine can be used for a wide range of bags for example flat vacuum bags ,embossed vacuum bags ,zipper bags ,stand up pouch and so on .

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How does it work ?
First you need to put the food in the packaging bags then put it in to the vacuum chamber .After it turns on will draw out the air from the vacuum chamber and bag .When all the vacuum packaging process complete it will seals the bag.

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Key features as below :
High level of flexibility and pack quality
Robust and durable design
Efficient use of energy and packaging materials

Boya’s vacuum chamber machines are all high level of packaging quality ,for machine safe process is one of the most important factor .This small chamber machine are safe processing with a wide variety of bag materials. It can be optionally equipped with a gas flushing system and select equipment with vacuum pumps.

As a supplier of complete solutions, we always ensure the interaction between packaging material, vacuum, ambient atmosphere, product, and machine is taken into consideration - and we systematically match the machines to the packaging technology and materials.

We would like to be your packaging expertise to design the unique packaging solution just belong to you !


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Quality Control

At Boya we have a group of people strict, preciseness in our QC department, when every order start production the first 200 bags are throwed into trash because it’s used for adjust the machine.For these bags sealing is the most important they check . Then another 1000bags they will test regularly of the look and function to make sure it’s running well .Then the others left to produce the QC will check untimely .After order finished they keep sample for each batch when our customers received the goods if they have any questions feedback to us we can track clearly to find the problem and get a solution to make sure it will never happened again.


We have perfect consulting service:
Pre sale service,Application Consult,Technical Consult,Package Consult,Shipment Consult,After sale service.


Why Boya

We have started the production of vacuum sealer bag and rolls since 2002 ,with more than 20 years experience to provide you the economic and high quality products .
Vacuum pouch is another hot sale product with annual capacity of 5000tons.
Except for these traditional normal products Boya also provide you a full range of flexible package materials such as forming and non-forming flim ,lidding film ,shrink bag and films ,VFFS ,HFFS .
The newest product of skin film already test successfully which will be on mass production in March 2021 ,Your inquiry is welcomed !


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